The College’s Committee on Sustainability has collaborated with Facilities Management to identify clear criteria by which your dollars can reduce net carbon emissions on campus, through increased energy efficiencies and direct reductions in energy use.  By using information about the cost of project implementation and the energy savings over the lifetime of the project, we have calculated the CO2 equivalent reductions per dollar per year for relevant energy projects.

Using carbon emissions estimates published by we have used our energy reduction criteria to indicate how much money it would take to offset common vehicular and air transportation choices, as well as living in student and private residences.

If you want to calculate your own offset, follow these steps:

  1. Estimate the MT CO2 equivalent of your activity. There are many sites that will help you with this estimation including and
  2. Multiply the estimated MT CO2e by 79. This gives you the dollar amount that it would take to offset your activity through the Carbon Offset program.
  3. Please enter this value under the “Other” tab on the the main offset page and write in the activity that you are offsetting.