The College’s Committee on Sustainability and Facilities Management have identified potential energy efficiency improvements around campus. 

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Using information about the cost of project implementation and the project’s lifetime energy savings, we have calculated the CO2 equivalent reductions per dollar per year for relevant energy projects.
Ground Transportation:

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Bus = 0.300kg CO2/mile x $0.058 = $0.018/mile
Amtrak = 0.191 kg CO2/mile x $0.058 = $0.012/mile
Car = 0.444 kg CO2/mile x $0.058 = $0.027/mile

Air Transportation:

Short (<1000 miles) = 0.25 kg CO2/mile x $0.058/kg CO2 = $0.015/mile
Typical (1000-3000 miles) = 0.2 kg CO2/mile x $0.058/kg CO2 = $0.012/mile
Long (>3000 miles) = 0.175 kg CO2/mile x $0.058/kg CO2 = $0.011/mile

Project Calculations:

Total cost = $22,144
Annual energy use reduction = 67,510 kWh/year
Lifespan = 10 years
Total energy use reduction =  675,100 kWh
CO2 emissions per kWh = 0.57 kg CO2/kWh
Total emissions reduction = 675,100 kWh x 0.57 kg CO2/kWh = 384,807 kg CO2
Cost per unit CO2 reduction = $22,144/384,807 kg CO2 = $0.058/kg CO2

Activity calculations adapted from:

Christopher M. Jones and Daniel M. Kammen, Quantifying Carbon Footprint Reduction Opportunities for U.S. and Communities. Supporting Materials. Environ. Sci. Technol., 2011, 45 (9), pp 4088–4095.